Connecting people through sport.
Arrange and play sport and leisure activities in your area. With LinQsport you can host meet-ups or just browse and request to attend sport and leisure activities with likeminded people.
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About LinQsport

Connecting people through sport; locally, nationally, internationally. LinQsport offers a platform where groups or individuals can LinQ, Follow, Share & LinQup to participate in a favourite sport or activity. LinQsport’s aspiration is an inclusive one; so regardless of ability, geography, ethinicity, gender, age or affluence; there is a LinQup waiting for you.

Physical & Mental Health

Sport can provide physical and mental benefits. Preventing medical conditions, reducing stress and many more.


Sport can help bring people together to build strong lasting relationships from different backgrounds.

Personal Development

Being active can help improve confidence and self-esteem which can increase willingness to develop skills.

LinQsport Groups

Create a group profile where you can add details such as your location and description.

Organise Events

Arrange LinQups at a time and location that suits all, as a one-off or a more regular event.


Search for likeminded individuals and invite them to your organised group LinQups.


Meet-up to play your arranged sport or activity; be active, be healthy, be involved.

We are proud to work alongside many key sporting professionals here at LinQsport. Check out all the details here.
Megan ShackletonParalympic Table Tennis
Marvin AmbrosiusFitness TV Presenter
Liam PitchfordOlympic Table Tennis
James RobertsParalympic Rowing & Volleyball
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