LinQing Up With Table Tennis England

LinQing Up With Table Tennis England

LinQsport are pleased to announce our new partnership with Table Tennis England. This partnership will be able provide greater opportunities for those looking to play table tennis. LinQsport look forward to working with Table Tennis England as we continue to work towards our mission to improve inclusion in sport.   

This partnership is an exciting opportunity as Linqsport was founded by three table tennis players – including Commonwealth Games 2002 team gold medallist Terry Young, senior England International Darren Blake and England Youth International Leeroy Pye, who played professionally in France into the senior ranks. Therefore, table tennis has had a large impact on all our founders’ lives. 

This is in addition to, our key LinQsport ambassador Liam Pitchford – current England No 1 and world No 15.

LinQsport co-founder Leeroy Pye on the partnership: 

“After three years of modelling our business, it’s with great pleasure that we are able to partner with Table Tennis England to drive increased participation through our technology. 

“Table Tennis played a key part for the founders of LinQsport through their life having played professionally and representing England for many years throughout their junior and senior careers.”

“Working with Table Tennis England is a perfect match and we cannot wait to add value to a sport that is loved by participants once connected to it. We feel LinQsport will be a strong enabler for Table Tennis England in our mutual quest to raise the profile and drive players to tables nationwide.”

Table Tennis England Chief Executive Sara Sutcliffe on the partnership: 

“An important part of our mission is to make it easier for people to play table tennis wherever and whenever they want to.

“This is an exciting partnership which makes that happen by combining LinQsport’s technological know-how with our knowledge of the landscape of our sport.

“The app is an exciting development which will help people to play our sport and promotes the health benefits of an active lifestyle and social interaction – things which have rarely been in sharper focus than they are now.”

Table Tennis England has provided us with key information about tables and locations across the country to be included in the app, which has improved the app’s functionality to provide greater opportunities to play table tennis through:

  • Showing all publicly available table tennis tables across England 
  • A LinQup functionality, which enables people to find and connect with others locally who want to play
  • A host that can create a group and add others to it for a group LinQup. This functionality can benefit table tennis clubs when arranging events or other activities.
  • The in-app chat features enabling people to communicate to one another.