Using the App

Using the App

First by clicking on the Plus Icon at the bottom of the screen, the app will ask whether you would like the LinQup to be private and whether you require a title & description by using the toggles. Then enter the LinQup details accordingly.

  • Click on Activity to select your chosen activity.
  • Click on Ability to select the ability in which you would like the activity to be carried out at.
  • Click on Location and then use the search bar to select your location.
  • Click on Date & Time to select the time and date of your LinQup by swiping up or down accordingly.
  • To select the Max Number of people, use the slider and move left or right accordingly to how many people you are looking to LinQup with.

Once you are happy with the details of your LinQup, click Create LinQup.

Click on LinQup and then Hosting. Scroll accordingly to the LinQup you would like to cancel and click Cancel.

Click on LinQup and then Hosting. Scroll accordingly to your chosen LinQup and click Details. Then click Invite and type the name of the user you would like to invite using the search bar.

Once you have found the LinQup that you wish to join, click on Join LinQup. The host of the LinQup will then have to accept your request to the LinQup to confirm that you have joined.

To filter your LinQup search by activity click on your chosen Activity’s Icon on Discover. Once chosen, only LinQups of your chosen activity will appear.

To filter you LinQup search by distance, time and date, click on the Filter Icon. Use the slider accordingly to select your distance limit for where potential LinQups are located. Use the buttons to specify the time and date range for your LinQup search. Confirm your search filters by clicking Apply.

To message another user on LinQsport, firstly search the name of the user by clicking on People on the Discover screen and then click on Message to then be able to type your message to the selected user.

Secondly, you can message another user by clicking on Create on the Message screen and then searching for the user’s name. By clicking on the selected user, you can then type your message.

To accept a request to join your LinQup, navigate to Hosting via the LinQup screen. Then find your chosen LinQup and click on Details where you will find the option to accept requests for your LinQup.

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