About LinQsport

About LinQsport

LinQsport is an app that is a dedicated social platform for multi-activity on mobile devices that bring the online and offline world together. Groups and Individuals can LinQ, follow, share & LinQup to participate in their favourite sports and activities.

LinQsport helps respond to some key challenges, as well as tackling numerous historical barriers to participation across all under-represented groups. The LinQsport app makes it easier for everyone to be active as part of their daily life by providing social connections through sport and physical activity.

Often, you’ve probably found yourself wanting to play sports or do physical activity but require someone to participate with as well as, not knowing where to play. Linqsport addresses this problem using it

LinQsport’s vision is to connect people through the joy of sport – locally, nationally and internationally. We know that being active in itself is hugely important to supporting good mental health and wellbeing, but it also provides the opportunity to create the solid social connections that can help local communities to thrive which we strive to improve. Furthermore, Diversity and inclusion in sport is a key mission for LinQsport and we are hoping the app can help improve this also, so it is easier for everyone to participate in physical activity and sport.

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